Jenna Wilchinsky

Jenna is a decade long resident of Philadelphia hailing from Connecticut. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Pennsylvania as well as a Master of Science in Arts Administration from Drexel University. For 10 years Jenna worked as the Program Director of a Philly nonprofit Art Center. She loves working with kids and is a community enthusiast. 

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Kelsie is rooted in West Virginia but has established herself within the Philly arts community. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art 

from West Virginia University where she first started to face paint. Kelsie is the lead teaching artist at a Non-Profit Art Center and a visual arts educator at a private school located in Fishtown. Kelsie loves inspiring young minds and supporting her community. 

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 iFacePaint was founded in 2015 by two Philadelphia artists Kelsie Lilly + Jenna Wilchinsky.


We value community, creativity and providing excellent customer service.  


Our philosophy is simple, to bring happiness, breathtaking designs, and professionalism to your next event!  


We have put smiles on thousands of faces.

Hire us for your next party, corporate event,festival or fair and we will put a smile on yours!